How Can I Keep From Singing

Written by Kittie Preas Koukalik

Terry and Kittie Preas found a new life in the Bonita Valley in Arizona and it was there that they raised their two children. Preas Welding & Construction was founded in 1982 and became very successful as an agriculture related business. Terry & Kittie were only weeks shy of their 32nd wedding anniversary when Kittie’s world would be suddenly and forever changed. In May 2003, Terry was crushed to death while working on a job. He died before her eyes. Immediately Kittie was thrust into an unknown world of “widow” and a single woman running a welding business. This is the story of their love, Terry’s accident, and the pain, anguish and sorrow Kittie endured, even after she found new love. “We were still sweethearts. He just went to work one day and never came home”.


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