Hoo Loves You

Written by Nadette Rae Rodgers
Category: · Children’s Books

2018 International Book Awards Finalist

“Hoo loves me?” asks the Little Yellow Owl, way up in its tree.

Follow this delightful, colorful journey, as the Little Yellow Owl explores life amongst its animal friends.

The Orange Owl shows the Little Yellow Owl just how many animals love and care for him. From the elephants, to the silly monkey, to the beautiful butterflies, the Little Yellow Owl’s world is full of friendly creatures who love him.

This book teaches the Little Yellow Owl and your young one of the love and acceptance friends can offer in this warm tale about love.

Great for baby shower gifts, welcome baby gifts, or toddlers’ birthday, this full-color children’s book is sure to put a smile on your baby’s face.

Perfect and fun-to-read for infants, toddlers, and ages up to 6!


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