Holocaust Essential: 36 Must-Read Articles and Blogs

Written by David Weiss
Category: · History

These blogs will inform and inspire. As the grandson of four Holocaust Survivors, I aim to educate and to inspire. This book gives readers the opportunity to find out the answers to these questions and so much more;

How did so many Nazis War Criminals escape punishment after the war? Why was the lack of females in power one of the causes of the Holocaust? Did the Nazis really have a plan to send the Jews to Madagascar? Which Trump adviser believes that the Holocaust was a big exaggeration? How did Denmark save the lives of almost its entire Jewish population? What can we learn from the refugee crisis of 1945 that we can use when thinking about the present-day refugee crisis? How were Benito Mussolini and Stalin involved in the Holocaust? How does surviving the Holocaust impact a person’s belief in God? What is Czechoslovakia considered one of Israel’s greatest historical allies? What would make a teenage Mennonite girl from Indiana leave her family and friends in order to save the lives of hundreds of Jewish children in the South of France? Why is her story not more famous? What contributions did Elise Wiesel make to humanity and to Holocaust Education? Why did a young journalist attack Wiesel’s legacy right after his death?….And so much more!

Readers get a brief introduction to my grandparents long, winding, inspiring journey to the United States.This book also offers a tremendous opportunity to learn about the central issues of the Holocaust as well as some less-talked about aspects of this tragic time. Readers also see how Holocaust related-topics remain extremely relevant today. Those who forget the past are destined to re-live it. Learn about the past and the connections to the present in this one-of-a-kind book.


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