Hold On To The Amish Night

Written by Jill Browner

Hannah is returning home from work and rescues a young man she sees drowning in the lake. To her surprise, the man is Gideon, someone she has always pined for. He looks to have changed, expressing a desire to leave the Amish life and run away forever, taking her with him. This could be her chance to try the outside life—a life she’s always wondered about.Will she leave with Gideon or will she stay on the Amish path?
Hannah is an Amish widow whose primary function in life is to take care of her young son. She has numerous suitors but refuses them all, fearing that she will desecrate the memory of her beloved. She feels no desire toward other men until Michael comes to town.

Michael is a kind Englischer filling a teaching position in the Amish community. All of the young single women in town are raving about how handsome and charming he is but he seems to take a liking to only Hannah. She keeps him at arm’s length as she doesn’t want to be disappointed…the prettiest women in town are after him. Will Hannah allow her own self-doubts keep her from being open to Michael’s courting?
Katherine is a young Amish woman who wants nothing more than a family of her own. But she has an obligation to take care of her younger brother since both of their parents died tragically. She sees her friends getting married and can’t help but feel a tinge of envy…And when a handsome Englischer comes to town she can’t help but get her hopes up…Will she open herself up to the possibility of a romance?
Rachel is a young Amish woman undecided on what she wants out of life. Her father expects her to remain in the community and find a husband. But her best friend Lovina left the Amish town and now seems happier than anyone she knows.
Her confusion extends to her romantic life as well as she finds Abraham to be somewhat boring and predictable while the Englisch David is his polar opposite in every way. But is she truly seeing the Amish life and Abraham for what they are?
Independence was thrust upon Michelle Raber, an Amish woman from Pennsylvania, when she finally decided to take control of her life and leave an abusive life behind. Now miles away from home and family she finally managed to start over. Running her own bakery, Pearls and Swirls, she needs nothing more, especially romance. But when Eva Lapp pays her an unexpected visit with a surprising request her life is turned upside down. Required to be Eva’s grandson Daniel’s pretend-girlfriend, she’s conflicted by the sudden rush of feelings that develop towards him, but the lie is suffocating her.
Daniel, a handsome Amish bachelor who keeps to himself has no interest in marriage or romance after the death of his father Jacob, a year after his mother Rachel passed away. But Bishop Fischer has other plans. Daniel is to ask his daughter Grace for her hand by Christmas, whether he likes it or not. Opposed to the idea, he goes along with his grandmother’s plan only to realize that he’s falling for Michelle Raber.
Neither of the two are particularly fond of Christmas… until now.
Englischer Paul gets the wrong directions and accidentally enters the home of a young Amish woman named Emma. He is in the Amish community to collect on his uncle’s inheritance, who has a series of properties in the town. His eyes are on the money but when he gets to know Emma and the people in he community he begins to realize that this could be a place he could call home.


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