Hockey Guy and Tutor Girl

Written by Melanie Marks
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

The tough (hot) hockey player at my high school wants me to be his tutor … with kissing benefits. BUT he’s my best friend’s total enemy. (My best friend is a hot guy, by the way.) I’m finding I have disturbingly crushy feelings for them both. Yikes! What’s a sweet, innocent Tutor Girl to do?
*Standalone teen romance
No swearing
No book needs to be read before or after this book
This story is a two-hour read (three at the most)
By Melanie Marks, author of His Kiss; and When You Noticed Me

This book also includes another romantic teen story by Melanie Marks. It is called, I Remember You. It’s a full-length novel.

This book has two stories: “Hockey Guy and Tutor Girl,” which is a two-hour read (three at the most), and also: “I Remember You,” which is a full-length novel. Both are romantic standalone teen stories with no swearing.

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Notes about this book: Romantic Comedy; Teen Romance; No Swearing; Happily Ever After; Standalone Romance


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