History of Greece: History of Greece: From the Cradle of Western Civilization to Myths, Legends, Democracy and Modern Day Greek History

Written by Nicole James
Category: · History

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Greece is a colorful country and has always been the target of many tourists looking to have a relaxing time. However, what many people do not seem to know is that Greece also packs a rich history – all lying beneath the beautiful landscapes and beaches.
Its history starts thousands of years before the Christian calendar was used – and each moment represents a cultural artifact that enriched more than a single country.
Greece went through many wars – big and small. Some were fought because certain conquerors had their eyes on the land – whereas others were supposed to serve as means of provoking a change in the country (e.g. the civil wars). However, while it did not emerge unscathed from every war, Greece still managed to recover.
As a history enthusiast – or simply, a Hellenophile – Greek history is certainly something you have to invest time in.
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