HISTORY: Civilizations That Made the World As We Know Today – 2nd Edition

Written by Alan Fischer

***2nd Edition***

Your Authoritative Guide to Civilizations That Made The World As We Know Today – Roman, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian!
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Be amazed at how much ancient civilizations have shaped our lives

In Civilizations That Made The World As We Know Today – Roman, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian , you’ll learn a short history about each one of the civilizations, including how they came to be and how they became so successful. You will also learn how some of these empires ended, and gain insight into why this happened. You will gain an understanding of why these civilizations influenced us so much. By the end of this book, you will know about:

•Egyptian Construction and labor
•Egyptian Architecture
•Roman Architecture and Construction
•Roman Construction Materials
•Mayan Texts
•Mayan and Aztec Diet
•Mayan and Aztec Decline

By finding out about these cultures, you will begin to understand why it took so long for some Egyptian constructionprojects to be completed. You will also gain an appreciation for the places Egyptian Architecture appears today. Understand exactly how Roman Architecture has influenced modern practices and how Roman construction materials are still used today.

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The wonders of the ancient world await you within the pages of this book. Discover how despite how so little is known about the Mayan texts we can still see their influence all around us. Discover how much of the food we eat today is thanks to the Mayan and Aztec Diet and how despite the Mayan decline the culture still thrives today.

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