His Heart, Her Soul: A Complicated Love Affair

Written by Chamise .

Love can either break the heart or heal the heart. For Tremaine and Zion love was something neither one of them thought they needed. Love had made Tremaine a happy man until all that was taken away drastically. His warm heart turned cold as he became a hardened man. Tremaine was convinced that love in the end wasn’t worth the heartache. Seemingly trapped in the web of her family’s business, Zion’s only desire was escaping the horrors of what they forced her to do. Because of family, the simple pleasures like love, passion, and sex were turned into fear and disgust for her. She was strong willed, but the longer she stayed with her family, the more she worried her soul would be lost forever. In a twist of fate, Tremaine and Zion stumbled into each other’s lives. On a mission to free herself from the shackles of her family, Zion unwillingly drags Tremaine into the chaos. Her presence in his life slowly began to thaw his cold heart, while Zion found in Tremaine, something to feed her soul. Their lives were already complicated, but was it possible that what Tremaine and Zion truly needed was only each other?


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