Highland Path (The Distant Shores Series Book 2)

Written by JoHannah Reardon

Julia has always longed to make her life count. She can hardly believe that she has ended up as an administrative assistant for an insurance agency. But when Jake walks into her insurance office, her life takes a drastic turn.

Is she crazy to join Jake in a remote village in Venezuela? And if she marries him, can she handle the kind of life she would have there? Will her journey into the jungle lead her into the life she always wanted, or will it be a tragic mistake?

JoHannah Readon offers interesting characters who change and develop. They have faith in God, faith that is not always what it should be, but faith that is challenged and grows. -LN

I loved this book and have read it twice. I loved the two main characters. I loved the insight it gave me of the hardships faced by missionaries in cross-cultural fields. It highlighted things I had never thought of. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve read by JoHannah Reardon but this has been my favorite. -LH

This was a truly heartwarming novel all about commitment and trust in the Lord to know what is best for us. I was impressed with the patience this couple showed to know God’s will for their lives. – SG


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