Hero in a Halfling: A Humorous Fantasy Romp (Epik Fantasy Book 1)

Written by William Tyler Davis

Judge him by his size, do you?

Epik, a young halfling, is ill-content with his unambitious life in the Bog. He dreams of magic – of wizards, knights, and of a kingdom not so far away.

When Epik does finally move to the city, his life isn’t really turned upside down. No, but he does, however, find a wizard who halfheartedly grants the halfling an apprenticeship – if Epik pays upfront.

Things in Dune All-En are not as fine as they seem. Every ten years the king is overthrown, beheaded, or worse. And King Simmons’s ten years are up.

As a secret sect meet to plot the king’s inevitable demise, a damage (it’s a thing) of mountain trolls threatens the city. And Epik sees the opportunity to do something, well, epic.

He must learn magic.
He must save the girl.
And he must protect the kingdom . . . Before it falls into the wrong hands.

Featuring halflings, dwarves, elves, at least one duplicitous wizard, and a game of darts to rival the Mickey’s Pool Palace Pub and Eatery Dart Championship of 1976, Hero in a Halfling is the first in the Epik Fantasy Series and is perfect for fans of both Discworld and Middle-earth.

* * *

Hero in a Halfling‘s paperback page count: 310
Genres: sword and sorcery, coming of age, Arthurian, action and adventure, epic, mystery, parody.
Humor: Moderate.
Explicit language: Mild
Violence: Mild to medium

Hero in a Halfling is a light-hearted romp through a Tolkien-inspired world with sprinkles of pop-culture references thrown in for an odd chuckle here and there.

Epik Fantasy Series
Hero in a Halfling
Knowing is Halfling the Battle (March 2018)
Sight Beyond Epik Sight (Mid 2018)
By Epik Powers Combined (Fall 2018)

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