Her Highlander’s Promise

Written by B.J. Scott

About to turn eighteen, and in accordance with her father’s deathbed decree, Laurel MacClay prepares to take her place as lairdess of her beloved Highland clan, but her guardians—her father’s cousin and his vindictive, power-hungry wife— have other plans, ones that include a betrothal to their son and a devious plot that puts Laurel in danger.

Refusing to accept that fate has condemned her to a life of misery, Laurel finds new hope when she reunites with Blair Cameron, a handsome young Highlander who when they were children promised to marry her as soon as they came of age. Can Blair help Laurel unravel a mystery from the past, secrets that could stop the wedding, or will she find herself wed to her arrogant, weak-willed cousin, a spineless man who refuses to defy his mother?


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