Heaven’s Peak: A Gripping Suspense Novel

Written by Miguel Estrada

The beautiful resort town of Heaven’s Peak is home of gorgeous landscapes and terrifying secrets.

After the tragic death of his mother, teenage photographer Kevin Miller moves to a resort town with his alcoholic father and eight-year-old sister in the hope of bringing the family together and start over. However, everything changes when Kevin witnesses his sister being kidnapped by a bizarre creature. The police are skeptical, so he decides to unveil the mysteries that surround the town by himself.

On the other side of the coin, FBI agent Norman James is willing to do anything to solve the baffling case, except believe the nonsenses of a traumatized teenager.

Meanwhile, newscast predicts a blizzard approaching in the next couple of days as people in the town begin to behave in strange ways.

Will they be able to find the little girl before Heaven’s Peak is consumed by darkness?

Heaven’s Peak is the first full-length horror-thriller novel from author Miguel Estrada. If you like suspense, mystery and dread then prepare for a ride you won’t forget.


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