Heart Of The Goblin King (The Realm Trilogy Book 1)

Written by Lisa Manifold
Category: · Romance

What will it take to win the heart of the Goblin King?

Brennan, the Goblin King, has problems. A rogue sorcerer is threatening his realm, and his people are dying. He has no time for anything else. Certainly not love, and certainly not for the lovely human he crash lands onto while chasing the sorcerer.

Iris Mattingly has exactly what she wants – she’s out on a date with her crush, and things are going beautifully. But as she runs to the ladies, and she ends up dragged off to what she later learns is the Goblin Realm.

Brennan is sure Iris is a spy. Iris is sure Brennan is a kidnapper – and worse. Yet they find they are attracted to one another in ways you shouldn’t be to someone you think is a spy. Or a kidnapper.

On top of those complications, the Goblin Realm is deadly to humans, and Iris is dying.

Can Brennan stop the sorcerer and the deaths of his people?He needs to figure out who the sorcerer is. He also needs to address his growing feelings for Iris before she gets any closer to death.

And before his fiancée finds out.

Heart of the Goblin King is the first book in The Realm series.


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