Havana Girl: passion and revolution in nineteen fifties Cuba

Written by Colin Falconer
Category: · History

Havana, 1958.
Magdalena Fuentes is eighteen years old and she has the world at her feet. The city has become a magnet for the Hollywood stars and the mobsters who flock to Havana to lie by the casino swimming pools and listen to the boleristas in the nightclubs, like her father’s.
She has her future all mapped out. One day she will marry her sweetheart and buy a beautiful mansion overlooking the Malecon.
But fate has other ideas.
Her boyfriend announces he is marrying someone else – the very same afternoon he takes her virginity.
She is determined to win him back, at all costs, shrugs off the hysterical news stories about Castro and the charismatic Che Guevara.
But as the year draws to a tumultuous end, and Castro’s rebel army tightens its grip on the city, Magdalena is about to grow up fast. Not only does she have a lot to learn about love; as the clock edges towards midnight on New Year’s Eve, she also has to find a way to keep herself and her father alive.
That night, Havana descends into chaos, and there’s only one man who’s prepared to help her; and it’s not the man of her dreams.
An enthralling story of passion and courage set against the beauty and tragedy of war-torn Cuba.
The first in the Havana Girl series.


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