Happier Money: 39 Simple Pointers to Increase the Flow of Money in Your Life

Written by Steve Ryan
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In early 1990, a woman had just gotten divorced and was living on welfare with a child. Diagnosed with clinical depression and contemplated suicide, she kept writing stories about a “wizard with a scar on this forehead”. Rejected by 12 publishers, J.K. Rowling finally got his work published, and her net worth as of 2017 is $650 million.

Prior to the year of 1962, a young man born the second son of an Italian and Greek immigrants was told by his math teacher that he “would never succeed at anything in life”. He was a gang member and never made it past high school. When he was 22, his wife stole all of his money and abandoned him and his only son to live in his car, on the street.

In 1980, he form a partnership while living in, again, a car. John Paul DeJoria’s venture was a huge success this time, making him the 66th richest man in America with a net worth of $4.6 billion.

Growing up in a poor Queens area, a young boy vowed to get out of his neighborhood. He was arrested at the age of 19 for cocaine possession and was sentenced to 3-9 years, in which he spent the time to actually start rapping and hustling to get his music out.

In 2003, Curtis Jackson III or known better as 50 Cents released his first hip-hop album, appropriately titled Get Rich or Die Tryin’, that was sold 9 million copies, automatically putting millions to his bank account.

You don’t have to build the next Facebook or write the next Harry Potter novel to improve your financial situation. Improving your financial situation starts with executing some simple actions.

This book is precisely discussing those actions in an abbreviated, simplified, and practical way.

Building wealth is everyone’s birthright. Nevertheless, past conditioning, bad financial advice, or lack of proper financial education have created a culture where people live with the “scarcity ways of life.”

This book wants to change it. Nothing complicated or overly theoretical. Each of the 39 actions can be applied quickly and seamlessly.

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