Hacker Exposed (White Hat Security Book 1)

Written by Linzi Baxter
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Alex. I knew one thing…

Someone had stolen from me.

Could the gorgeous blonde I hadn’t seen in years be the answer?

One look from her, and she had me hook, line, and sinker. So when danger was knocking at her door, I knew I would do anything to save her.

Bridget. My identity was no longer a secret.

I had to decide, help Alex or go on the run. But one look into Alex’s piercing blue eyes, and I knew I would risk everything to help him.

Even if it meant stirring up the turmoil of my past

Will Alex and I find out who stole the money before it’s too late?

Hacker Exposed is the first book in the exciting White Hat Security series. Fans of Melody Anne and J.S. Scott won’t be able to put this down.


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