Gun Hell

Written by Alan David

Cole Pitt and Mike Shayne think they’ve given up the hard life when they take over Circle P Ranch.

But the second they arrive, trouble is waiting for them in the form of Hit Smiley.

With no other choice, Pitt and Shayne are forced to shoot and injure Smiley to protect the ranch.

And of course Smiley has to be working for Abel Strong, the notorious cattle rancher and head of the local Cattleman’s Association.

With such powerful enemies, Pitt and Shayne will have their work cut out for them.

But when Pitt finds out the truth about Abel Strong and his men, he can’t keep quiet and now Strong is out for blood.

But he’ll soon find out that taking down the Circle P Ranch is no easy task – not when two former Texas Rangers are in charge of it.

Can Pitt and Shayne unite their neighbours against Strong?

Or will they fall into one of Strong’s nefarious traps and bring all matter of Gun Hell to the ranch?

Gun Hell is thrilling old age adventure that will transport you back to the unforgiving lands of the Wild West.

Praise for Alan David

‘A classic of the genre.’ – Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off.

Alan David is a prolific writer of over 500 novels in a wide range of genres, from classic westerns, to historical thrillers.

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