Guitarists Get Theory: The really useful guide to music theory: …..just for guitar players

Written by Dan Thorpe
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Do you struggle to understand the complicated world of guitar theory?

Does it frustrate you trying `get` what chords work with one another?

Do you watch other guitarists run up and down the fretboard and wonder why you can`t do that without playing wrong notes?

Every single guitarist has at some point struggled to understand what on earth is going on when it comes to the world of GUITAR MUSIC THEORY

GUITARISTS GET THEORY – written by renowned author and music teacher, Dan Thorpe is here to help you simplify the complex world of music theory once and for all. This book is much more than just music theory for dummies

Learning music theory CAN be complicated but it doesn`t have to be.

Do not worry – `Guitarists Get Theory` has the answer…

– Learn how to find the notes on the fretboard using Dan Thorpe`s unique pattern system

– Get 3 absolutely must know formulas that most `experienced` players don`t get

– Use and understand The Note Circle`

– The 1 simple trick that will supercharge the most important part of your own songs

Want to write songs of your own?

This book will save you months, maybe even years – teaching you the greatest chord progressions all time such as the Modern, Modern minor, Catchy Pop, Soulful Pop chord progressions and more…

Also, learn a range of unusual chord progressions to sky rocket your own songs and help you understand those of your favourite artists.

PLUS – Understand and use the Relative Major and minor key`, Consonance and Dissonance, harmony and which notes work with which chords so you can write awesome guitar solos and vocal melodies.

All this and more…

WARNING: This book is all killer and no filler


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