Guitar Scales Handbook: A Step-By-Step, 100-Lesson Guide to Scales, Music Theory, and Fretboard Theory (Book & Streaming Videos) (Steeplechase Guitar Instruction)

Written by Damon Ferrante
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Learn guitar scales, techniques, and how to use them in a musical context. This new edition, with over 200 lessons, guitar licks, exercises, streaming videos, and scales-over chords concepts, is all you will ever need for learning guitar scales and how to apply them in your music!

Guitar instructor and music professor Damon Ferrante guides you through step-by-step lessons and streaming videos that will teach you guitar scales and how to apply them in your guitar solos,licks, songs, and music making. The lessons are designed to improve your guitar technique, musicality, creativity, understanding of music theory, and give your playing and songwriting more power, color and expressiveness, whether you play Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Pop, Jazz, or Classical.

You will also memorize the notes of the fretboard!

Used by thousands of professional guitarists, students, and teachers, this book and streaming video course will take your guitar playing to a whole new level!

No Music Reading is Necessary!

This new edition includes 100 free bonus lessons that cover guitar licks and scales-over-chords concepts so that you can apply each scale in your playing.

Check out the exciting materials covered in the book and streaming videos:

* Alternate Picking Technique
* Legato Technique
* Music Theory
* How to apply the scales to your playing
* Intervals
* Warm-up Exercises
* Technique Building Exercises
* Guitar Licks
* Notes of the Guitar Neck
* Jam Tracks
* Developing Good Practice Habits
* Blues Scales and Modes
* Major Scales and Modes
* Natural Minor Scales
* Harmonic Minor Scales and Modes
* Melodic Minor Scales
* Pentatonic Major Scales
* Whole-Tone Scales
* Exotic Scales
* Octatonic Scales


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