GUINEVERE: A Medieval Romance

Written by Lavinia Collins
Category: · Romance

“Guinevere takes no prisoners. Lavinia Collins gives us a fierce and feisty Guinevere who can challenge any of the knights of the Round Table in love, in war, and in her adventurous spirit.” Kenneth Abel

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Never before has the mysterious legend of King Arthur and the knights of Camelot been explored in such sumptuous detail. Told from the point of view of Guinevere, this epic romance chronicles the life and loves of the queen of the Round Table. From being torn away from her native Breton to wed Arthur, being held captive by his enemies to her affair with Lancelot and the subsequent fall of Arthur’s kingdom, every dramatic event is explored in a rich, compelling narrative.

With acute attention to the existing literature and historical studies, Medievalist scholar Lavinia Collins brings the world of dashing knights, week-long banquets and cruel wars to light for a contemporary audience eager to get an insider view of life at Arthur’s court. While this book will make fans of Arthurian literature ecstatic, it will also bring delight to any reader of quality contemporary fiction.

Guinevere – A medieval romance was previously published as three volumes: The Warrior Queen, A Champion’s Duty and The Day of Destiny. These are still available on kindle.

Lavinia Collins is the author of four epic historical romance trilogies written from the point of view of the women in Arthurian legend. The full list is as follows:

1. Guinevere
2. Morgan
3. Morgawse
4. Igraine

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