Goodbye Poland: Growing up. Deportation and Internment in Siberia. Escape and the WWII war years. (Illustrated)

Written by Stefan Maczka

Stefan Maczka’s father, (also Stefan), was a cavalry officer who fought victoriously in possibly the last and greatest cavalry battle of the preceding one hundred years, the ‘Miracle of the Vistula’. It was the final victory in the Russian/Polish War of 1920. He was one of nine thousand former soldiers rewarded with a plot of land in the reclaimed borderlands.
Stalin never forgot that humiliating defeat.

Stefan B. was born in 1922 just over two years later.
Life was hard in those early years; the military settlers had to defend their borders against invasion by armed bands from Russia, crossing into Poland from the east.
By 1937, the rewards of hard work were paying off, and life was beginning to get easier…

Then came the war, and Stalin’s revenge on the military settlers he so bitterly despised for their victory over Soviet forces twenty years earlier. Rounded up, they were uprooted from their homes, put on cattle trucks, and forcibly deported to the frozen and inhospitable wastes of Siberia.

Goodbye Poland is one man’s account of his journey into adversity at the age of just seventeen.

Written exactly as he spoke, his accent comes through loud and clear, in this inspirational true story of stoicism, and survival against the odds.

What people are saying about Goodbye Poland:

‘A soldier’s story…A concise and fascinating account with interesting detail. Good addition to other books on this subject. I enjoyed it very much.’ Source UK Review.

‘A superb book telling one mans long, long journey to freedom. I learnt more in this book about the horrors and oppression that the Polish people have suffered in the 20th century than in any school history lessons that I had.
A remarkable account told without over dramatisation.’ Source UK Review.

‘Despite the text not being written in perfect English this did not distract from the incredible narrative. An excellent read.’ Source UK Review.

‘Interesting story shows the brutality of the Soviet Union under Stalin. I learned a lot here about Poland before the war, as well as what her people went through as a result of being sandwiched between 2 dictators.’ Source USA Review.

‘Goodbye Poland by Stefan Maczka, is an interesting book. The experience of the Polish people, during WWII, was not taught to us. So, everyone should read this book. I highly recommend it.’ Source USA Review.


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