Gods of the Valley: How Today’s Tech Giants Monopolize the Future

Written by Matt Ward
Category: · Business & Money

I Bet Bezos Doesn’t Want You to Read This…

In this eye-opening book, accomplished entrepreneur, angel investor and thought leader Matt Ward tears the tech companies a new one, dissecting the super corporations of Silicon Valley to reveal the winners and losers and where the industry is headed.

Today’s tech monopolies are unlike anything the world has ever seen. With hundreds of billions in revenue, user bases in the billions and aggressive CEOs willing to make big bets to remain in power (and kill startups), we are entering a new era of innovation.

Yet while Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple control and ever increasing pieces of the economic pie, the world is not standing still. Each of these empires is facing existential threats in the coming years.

Who wins? Who loses? Where is the world headed?

Gods of the Valley down the businesses and big problems with GAFA, examining upcoming market trends and potential disruptions which impact today’s tech giants and rating the businesses accordingly.

Up Close and Personal with GAFA

– Who should Apple acquire?
– Does voice computing kill Google’s search business?
– Is Facebook the future of finance?
– Will Amazon kill the economy…?

These are the kinds of questions investors, economists and entrepreneurs ponder. Here is the best researched book to date on the future, what it holds, where opportunities lie and which companies will win it all.

From cryptocurrency to ecommerce, ridesharing, venture capital and voice computing to social media and streaming video, let’s look at how the Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple build infinitely more defensible business models even Trump can’t touch.

Spoiler alert: The bigger they are, the harder they fall – and one of these four is headed for a crash, you will never guess who.

This book is either: an early post-mortem or the perfect product roadmap for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (and any startups looking to attack them), only time will tell.

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– Uber is Going to 0, and Benchmark Knows It!
– Google vs Uber — The Battle for the Autonomous OS
– The Broken Business of Ecommerce and Why Your Startup Won’t Be The Next Casper
– Game Over, Groceries: Inside Amazon’s Acquisition of Whole Foods
– Don’t Mine for Gold When You Can Sell Shovels
– Consumer Hardware’s a Horrible Business Model, So Apple Slows Down Your iPhone
– Facebook’s Mantra: “Join us or we will copy you”
– How to Start a Series A Fundable SaaS Business
Part 1. Acquiring customers
Part 2. Retaining Customers
– The Amazon Apocalypse is Killing Ecommerce
– Network Effects, Unstoppable Monopolies and The End of Innovation
– The 5 Types of Networks Effects and How to Hack Them
– The Cult-Like Religion of ICOs

Plus 3 FREE Expert Roundtables:

  • The Future of Consumer Tech and Humanity Roundtable with Tim O’Reilly, James Allworth, Ben Gilbert and Jeff Morris Jr.
  • AI, Autonomous Vehicles and Future of Cities with Dennis Mortensen, Prateek Joshi, Zach Coelius and Clara Brenner
  • The Future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology Roundtable with Gil Penchina, Joey Krug, Andy Bromberg and Lou Kerner

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