Goblin Fruit (Gobbled Book 1)

Written by S.E. Burr

You think a fairy tale is just a story.

What if it hides a message?

All Clarity’s mom ever gave her is the fairy tale storybook, Goblin Market.

Her whole life, Clarity has helped care for her mother, a mindless, shuffling shell of a person.

At sixteen, Clarity meets Audrey, a girl filled with grief and guilt overher brother who has been struck with the same affliction.

With nothing but a cryptic clue from Goblin Market, Clarity and Audrey risk their lives to cure the people they love.

Goblin Fruit is a YA paranormal novel featuring fast-paced action, heartbreaking decisions, and two unstoppable heroines.
“Stayed up all night to finish reading this.” –Brianna, Amazon Customer
“An interesting twist on fairy tale creatures. You get hooked on the characters…” –James, Amazon Customer
“Combines compelling characters, dire situations, science and magic…A very enjoyable read.” –Kindle Customer

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