Girl Fights Back (An Emily Kane Adventure Book 1)

Written by Jacques Antoine

Emily Kane has gone missing…

…and the world’s spy agencies are determined to find her.

They think she’s been genetically modified as a human weapon. Now, she’ll need all her skills to make it to tomorrow.

Her father taught her everything he knew, how to hide, how to live off the land… and how to fight like a demon, without mercy or remorse.

When the mercenaries came, her family fled. But Emily Kane has had enough of running. Can she take the fight to her enemies and survive… and if she can, will she still be human?

If you love Russell Blake’s Jet, and Fatal Exchange, you’ll love Emily Kane in Girl Fights Back.

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Books 2 – 7 in the Emily KaneAdventures are available now:
Girl Punches Out – a kidnapping, and the trail leads to Kamchatka
Girl Takes Up Her Sword – when the swords come out, things get nasty, and there may not bea way to stop the violence
Girl Spins A Blade – a trip to Nepal to find inner peace, but trouble follows
Girl Takes The Oath – Emily finds a calling in the Navy, trailing danger in her wake.
Girl Rides The Wind – Emily’s Marine unit tracks terrorists in the Celebes Sea, and findssomething profound in the windward islands.
Girl Goes To Wudang – Emily is posted to theUS Embassy in Beijing, and when Li Li comes to see her uncle Jiang, dangerfollows.
And look for Book 8 this summer – Girl Stalks The Ruins – Emily’s in Paris with her family, when terrorists attack the Louvre, and accidentally rouse a sleeping dragon.    


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