Giacomo Casanova: A Life From Beginning to End

Written by Hourly History

Giacomo Casanova

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Casanova. Womanizer. Playboy. It has been more than 200 years, but Giacomo Casanova’s name is still a slang word. That name, emblazoned across Europe in the 1700s, is synonymous yet today with a player, someone who seduces a woman, makes a sexual conquest of her, and leaves her. It was once something more than that. Beyond the scams and the scandals, beyond the gambling debts, even beyond the lace ruffles and the powdered wigs, Giacomo Casanova was once something more, someone more. Someone formed by the social customs of the day; molded by the unique experiences of a little boy in Venice; sparked into life by the intelligence, philosophy, adventure, and passion that was Giacomo Casanova.

Inside you will read about…

✓ Early Years of Abuse
✓ Casanova’s Career in the Church
✓ Broken Promises of Marriage
✓ Spying and Dueling, Incest and Imprisonment
✓ Later Life and Death
And much more!


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