Ghost in the Pumpkins (A Greene Fields Mystery Book 2)

Written by Kristy Carter
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Penelope Greene and Detective Leo Solomon are once against thrust into a mystery when a local banker is found dead in his pumpkin patch rumors swirl, especially after one witness reports seeing a ghost visiting the man just before his death. When one of Penelope’s employees finds the body and gets the scare of his life, Penelope is determined to figure out this spooky mystery before anyone else gets hurt. With her trusty lab and more stories from the townsfolk than Penelope and Leo can possibly ever look through, it might just prove too hard to distinguish between fact and ghost story. But what if the ghost story is true? Penelope begins to wonder more and more as she gets pulled deeper into the mystery surrounding Cole Lovelace’s murder if perhaps there is something to the sightings of the ghost, especially after the specter appears again after Cole’s death. Could it herald the death of someone else?


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