Genghis Khan: His Life, Death, Conquests, and Legacy (Genghis Khan)

Written by Patrick Auerbach
Category: · History

What do you remember from your history classes? You may remember a quick discussion laid out about world leaders who dominated by sheer evil. You might be more apt to remember the fictional stories that have been written or worse turned into a movie or TV show. Many of the facts and historical accounts of one man in particular are often blood thirsty, with a drive towards showing how evil one ruler can be, yet provide a sense of awe. This man, this legend—is Genghis Khan. He is not a fictional character who was stopped by China, but rather a real person that conquered all of China and expanded west before his death.

Genghis Khan fascinates us because of his ability to rise from a shunned leader to the most powerful ruler of his time. His intelligence and desires have provided the world with developments we may never have seen. In 25 years and the establishment of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan conquered more than the Romans could do in 4oo years, (Weatehrford, 2004). Genghis Khan was a warrior with great power, intelligence, and a reputation that conjured up fear in all who opposed him. He is a man who left a legacy for his children and grandchildren that is still discussed with awe and amazement today.

Exploring the true history of such a powerful leader, enables you to see that from nothing more than “ashes” in life, you can rise, survive, and lead. Genghis Khan’s life was not filled with palaces and weakness. It was filled with obstacles that drove the Khan to succeed. He was able to become unforgettable, even immortal in the pages of history because of his remarkable abilities. Genghis Khan formed an army so formidable that their enemies fell in defeat. He did this by requiring loyalty from his followers, and training an elite army of 100,000 men. Often less men than his opposing forces, but stronger and more agile.

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