Genghis Khan: Get Inspired by Real Heroes

Written by Debra Williams

Genghis Khan was a mighty emperor and conqueror and unifier of the numerous Mongol tribes into one large empire. Today, he is known as a ruthless, vicious warlord who had no qualms about ending the lives of those who opposed him in order to make a show of his greatness and to quell any resistance.

Yet, there is another side to the story. The bloodthirsty emperor was a champion for the rights of the women in his territory long before other nations began to pay attention to fair treatment of women. In his earlier days, Khan struggled to attain power in order to protect the ones he loved and was a principled, if harsh, ruler of the Mongol people. He was a driven, complicated individual and his untold story is most definitely worth exploring.

Learn about Khan’s youth, his accomplishments, his struggles, and how he came to be the great – though undoubtedly merciless at times – ruler he was. And, perhaps most importantly, learn about the legacy he left behind.



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