Gazing: Encountering the Mystery of Art (classical education, classical education curriculum, classical education schools, aesthetics)

Written by Dr. Steve Turley
Category: · Arts & Photography

Yes, you can learn and teach others how to interpret great art!

If you’re struggling with how to teach students to appreciate art, this book was written for you. Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or homeschooling parent, Gazing will equip you to be able to enrich your classes and teaching with multiple encounters with great art.


  • How to understand and explain a theology of art
  • How to practice gazing and learn to sanctify the soul and sight
  • How to introduce great works of art into your classroom lesson plans
  • How to lead your students to contemplate works of art
  • And much, much, more!

There’s no longer any reason to be intimidated or frustrated with teaching students to love and appreciate artistic masterpieces. With this book, you will experience the thrill of awakening students to the limitless wonder of pictorial beauty, and in so doing, deepen and enrich your own appreciation and vision, as together you encounter the mystery of art.

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