Gareth: A Highlander Romance (The Ghosts of Culloden Moor Book 5)

Written by Diane Darcy
Category: · Romance

They say revenge is sweet…

Lissa Stuart is thrilled to get a job researching for an upcoming movie in Scotland—supposedly the land of her ancestors. When she brags about possibly being related to Bonnie Prince Charlie, she captures the attention of an angry, embittered warrior.

Revenge is all that Gareth thought about for the last 270 years. According to a witch helping him and the other warriors stuck at Culloden Moor, it’s not his turn to come back to lifebut that doesn’t matter to him in the least! When he gets a shot at a flesh and blood existence, if only for a few days, he seizes it!

If he has his way, this time the last word will not come from the living, but from the dead.


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