GAPS Diet Cookbook: Heal Your Leaky Gut and Restore Your Health Naturally; GAPS Recipes for Every Stage of the GAPS Diet With Photos, Serving Size, and Nutrition Facts for Every Recipe

Written by Bethany Silver

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Dozens of the top GAPS Diet recipes to promote gut health, heal health problems, and feel better than ever! Includes photos, serving size, and nutrition facts for every recipe!

Some of the biggest authorities on nutrition, leaky gut, and overall wellness have recognized the GAPS diet is among the most effective ways to not only heal your gut, but promote maximum overall health in order to reverse a variety of ailments! But thousands of GAPS diet enthusiasts around the world didn’t need the experts to tell them that. They already knew how effective the GAPS diet can be because it has already worked for them!

Health is all about your gut!

Living with gut problems like leaky gut can cause all kinds of other unexpected and undesirable health consequences. Too many people suffer for their whole lives because they are unable to even identify the source of their health problems, let alone begin solving it.

The solution is easy!

Neurological or psychiatric condition such as autism, schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, anxiety, bi-polar and so many others are inextricably tied to gut health. Left unchecked, gut health can easily spiral out of control as a result of consuming the sugar filled and highly processed foods that line our grocery store shelves. Most people don’t realize it, but once you see the effect a healthy gut has on the rest of your health, it is undeniable that a healthy gut is the linchpin to good health and wellness.

Say ‘YES’ to delicious GAPS meals for all six stages of the GAPS diet!

Grab this cookbook today and discover why those in the know are raving about the GAPS diet. Enjoy amazing, fresh, tasty meals for every single stage of the GAPS diet! Don’t take a pass on these GAPS recipes that your family will love and that will make you feel healthier and better than you have in years!


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