Game on Boys 2: Minecraft Madness: A hilarious action adventure for children, with cartoons. (Game on Boys Series)

Written by Kate Cullen
Category: · Children’s Books

Minecraft! Minecraft! Minecraft! That’s all Rino James ever thinks about. That, and his PlayStation. But when he’s not gaming, he’s working hard to get good grades so he can make it into the unreal PlayStation club at school. How many schools get to have a PlayStation club?
The problem is, his Mom and Dad have a built in Siri message system to detonate disaster every time things are looking awesome for him.
When best mate, Matthew, announces an all-night, super slayer, smash up gaming party, Rino can’t wait for the weekend. That’s until something disastrous happens to turn his weekend into a boring, miserable, not to mention soggy, scrabble marathon with his mind-numbing sister.
But what happens at the end of the family weekend is devastating and amazing all at the same time. The main question on our mind though, is ‘does Rino live to fight another Minecraft zombie?’

‘Game on Boys 2 : Minecraft Madness’ is for boys and girls who love playing Minecraft and other computer games, and who love reading books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Be prepared for lots of side splitting laughter, but don’t be surprised if you shed the odd tear as well.

Don’t forget, the first in the series, ‘Game on Boys: The PlayStation Playoffs’ is still free as an eBook or available in print, (with average of 4.9 stars.)


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