Full Disclosure (No Secrets Book 1)

Written by Julie Olsen

A former stalker boyfriend has left personal trainer Olivia St. Clair wary. Yet when a dazzling green-eyed business mogul rescues her after a hit-and-run accident, she finds herself defenseless against his chiseled body and sex-god charm.

Damien Stone. Everything about him—his tousled hair, his Mona Lisa Smile, his masculine scent—mesmerizes Olivia. His domineering presence sets off some alarm bells, and she’s shocked by her own desire. Soon enough, she finds herself a guest of his St. Louis penthouse. But rather than quench her desires, his expert touch makes her hunger grow.

Ultimately, Damien makes Olivia feel safe again. He’s even vowed to make her ex-boyfriend pay. While the couple sheds more inhibitions and secrets, Olivia’s already battered heart gets put to the ultimate test. Full disclosure always comes with inevitable consequences.


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