Fruit Infused Water: 26 Refreshing Vitamin Water Recipes to Rehydrate, Rejuvenate and Supercharge Your Health

Written by Kasia Roberts RN

Try Refreshing, Delicious Fruit, Herb, and Tea Infused Vitamin Water Recipes for Dehydration and Rejuvenation Starting Today!

Stay hydrated all year long with the Fruit, Herb, and Tea Infused Vitamin Water Recipes! Creating marvellous, do-it-yourself drinks with vitamin and mineral boosts that have never been simpler. Parse from fruits and herbs you have lying around your home and create beautiful, vibrant infused drinks. In the process, eliminate all the dangerous factors of dehydration. Rev your metabolism, allow your digestive system to shine, and bring life and glow to your exterior skin. Take the humdrum from drinking water, and take the health risks from staying dehydrated. With an infused water in your hand, you’ll be ready to conquer every day’s task!

Dehydration is a scary element affecting us each day. Any time you feel a little dizzy, a little dry-mouthed, dehydration is already taking its toll on your body. It’s causing your blood vessels to work entirely too hard, and it’s causing your kidneys to retain unnecessary, waste-filled fluids. One day of dehydration doesn’t do so much damage; however, a lifetime of dehydration can play a rough hand—leaving you with severe kidney damage. Kidney damage affects every aspect of your body, keeping good, filtered blood from your every one of your organs.

Keep yourself at your best fighting power. Lift yourself from dehydration with these stylish, taste-filled infused water drinks. No two infused drinks look the same. Each recipe is inspired with creative, colourful fruits and herbs from the natural world. And each fruit, each herb bleeds its nutritive powers into the water, boosting your water to the next level!



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