Fruit Infused Vitamin Water: 31 Super Easy, Healthy Fruit Infusion Water Recipes To Help You Lose Weight, Detox Your Body & Feel Incredible

Written by Jenna Jolan

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Let’s Make Drinking Water Fun Again!

You know that drinking water is good for your health, but what if I told you that you can drink more than a litre of water every day with a smile on your face?

Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring; it doesn’t have to be plain – not anymore! You will keep asking for more!

•Would you drink two glasses of water in an interval of 30 minutes? NO.
•Don’t like the taste of plain water? NO.
•Can’t substitute sugary drinks and diet drinks with water? NO.

31 Super Easy, Healthy Fruit Infusion Water Recipes To Help You Lose Weight, Detox Your Body & Feel Incredible

You need this book if you want to:

•See yourself and your loved ones drinking adequate water every single day.
•Lose weight in the process of drinking water.
•Break your sugary and diet drinks addiction with water.
•Increased metabolism and health.
•Avoid constipation and be free from all kinds of digestive problems.
•Be able to sleep peacefully in the night, feeling completely relaxed and energized.
•Look amazing with lustrous hair and beautiful skin every single day!

Need I say more?

Some of the mind-blowing recipes in this book include:

•Body Detoxifier Drink
•Honeydew Mixed Strawberry Blast
•Strawberry Delight
•Kiwi, Lemon and Strawberry Fiesta
•Sizzling Apple Mélange

If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds, nothing will! Packed with 31 delicious fruit infused water recipes, these drinks will WOW anyone who tastes them!

Why should you get this book?

You should buy this book because it doesn’t promise instant cure – nothing instant is ever good and it never lasts. If you want to lead a healthier life, remember never to go with instant cures – they just don’t work. This book is for you to use every day, because every day is a new day – a new day for you to feel happier, relaxed, energized and boosted. Magical pills, potions and voodoo are all myth; I bet that nothing will ever make you feel happier than enjoying a glass of cold fruit infused water with your family and friends around you!

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the book now and learn the recipes for the most incredibly delicious fruit infusion recipes on this planet!

I know you’re going to love these amazing spa inspired fruit infused vitamin water recipes.

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