From Couch To Custom Coach: Get Off The Couch And Start Chasing Your Musical Dreams (S.A.M. Book 1)

Written by Steven Adams

Feeling overwhelmed and lost because you’re not really sure how to get started? Do you fear and doubt that YOU can actually achieve your dream of becoming a touring artist?

Anyone who has ever taken the steps needed to reach their goals have been stuck at some point. It’s easy to doubt yourself when you are overwhelmed by fear of failure and that can keep you on the couch instead of getting out and actually making your dreams a reality.

Don’t let your dreams be held back by uncertainty anymore.

Here is the reality: You CAN make your dreams happen as long as you take action and be consistent.

Turn your procrastination into activation.

If you are sitting at home on your couch, dreaming of one day being on stage like your favorite singer/musician but you have no clue what you would need to do or are just simply afraid of trying and failing, I can help you. I have met many people in my travels and most have the same issues in common:

They have either forgotten or do not know the basics of what it takes and it is high time to change this.

Download: From Couch to Custom Coach – Get Off The Couch And Start Chasing Your Musical Dreams As A Touring Artist

This is book one in the S.A.M. (Simple And Modern) Method

Down deep inside we often feed those fears with self-doubt and that can lead to either fear of starting or failure once we do start.

From Couch To Custom Coach will show you:

  •  How to start a career in music the right way
  •  When and how you should practice
  •  How to start creating your own music
  •  Where to network with other performers
  •  Who can help you move to the next level 

By reading From Couch To Custom Coach you will be able to:

  •  Create your own action plan for getting started
  •  Build long lasting relationships with people who have your best interests in mind
  •  Take action steps to overcome your doubts
  •  Achieve your lifelong musical dream
  •  And a lot more!

So far, most have let their fear of failure keep them from reaching their goals. Do NOT let that happen to you. You may actually miss out on even greater things in the future. I know that your couch is warm and comfortable. I was there myself. The question I asked myself was, “How will you feel if you don’t at least try?” For me the answer was, “Miserable!”

So don’t stay in your comfort zone. Get up and blaze your own musical path.

Get started today so you can say that you went From Couch To Custom Coach and took control of your destiny. Scroll to the top of the page and hit the BUY NOW button.


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