Friends With More Benefits (Friends With Benefits Book 3)

Written by Luke Young

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Friends With More Benefits is the third book in the Friends With Benefits series and although the stories are connected, they can be read on their own.

As Jillian and Brian’s destination wedding date nears, Jillian’s just released novel’s complicated success threatens to destroy their big day. While Rob’s new job grows extraordinarily more mysterious Brian’s becomes infinitely more unfulfilling and both struggle to find the answers. Victoria finds it more and more difficult to hide her secrets and when they are finally exposed there is no shortage of collateral damage. When thoughts are revealed will the wedding be ruined, will Jillian’s career survive and will everyone forgive Victoria?

Try a romantic comedy that’s heavy on the comedy and join the over one million readers who have laughed out loud.

Friends with More Benefits is the third book in the sexy and hilarious series readers describe as The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce meets Sex And The City meets American Pie. If you like romantic comedy, sexy characters getting caught in compromising positions, off-the-wall explicit discussions and non-stop racy fun, then you’ll love Luke Young’s bestselling series.

Containing summaries of both earlier books, Friends with More Benefits is also a great place to join the series. Come to know this wild, fun and amazing group of characters who share far too much with one another and where no dare, practical joke or topic of conversation is off-limits. So whether you are new to it or been following this group of friends around since the beginning, you are sure to have a ton of laughs with lots of benefits.

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