Friends / Fiends with Benefits: Cases from the Purple Heart Detective Agency (Purple Heart Mysteries)

Written by Rock Neelly
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Nobody likes a tease. But everyone likes a freebie. So what about a free tease? Hell yes, in this case.

Here are two exclusive stories ripped from the pages of Rock Neelly’s new collection of short thrillers, The Babylon Blues! But we’re betting you won’t want to read just two of these eerie noir tales when more than a dozen more are waiting for your binging pleasure!

These two devilishly clever capers, “Friends with Benefits” and “Fiends with Benefits” star our favorite two damaged detectives, Roddy and Grace, Iraq War veterans turned Los Angeles sleuths. The first twisted tale, “Friends with Benefits” starts with a promiscuous woman with dangerous sleeping arrangements and ends with a blackmailer trying to change her dreams to nightmares! Roddy and Grace know she’s no sleeping beauty, but can they save her when her love habits mix with the mob?

The second “Fiends with Benefits” illustrates how sometimes even monsters fall in love. But in this wicked story, can our wounded warriors rescue a rotten romance? Do the likes of Drac and Vampirella deserve love too? Roddy and Grace have to decide. And we’re not telling—we’re teasing! Read on, if you dare!



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