French Chic: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To French Style Secrets

Written by Sophia Moore
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French Chic

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to French Style Secrets

French Chic: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to French Style Secrets takes a parable approach to a subject that is very important to the modern woman: Style

Contrary to popular belief, style is more about how a person feels and less about what they wear, which is a very “French” way of dressing. But how do we get there?

Join us as we follow Mademoiselle Alise through the process of creating a new look for herself. While all of us are unique, we are all quite similar as well so we can learn along with her the tips and tricks of French style such as:

Before You Dress
What we wear before we dress is as important as the final accessory. What happens before all those wonderful garments is far more important than the garments themselves. Let’s tag along as Alise learns a valuable lesson about “first things first”.

Where Do I Begin
When you know where you want to go but you don’t know how to get there, where do you start? Alise understands the most important part of fashion now and we will follow her lead as she chooses the style that fits her best.

So Many Choices
Alise is learning what works best for her but in each style there are so many choices. How will she choose? How will she know she has made the right choice? How will we?

Don’t Break the Bank
Alise is “reinventing” herself. Like many of us, she is starting over and wants to do it “right” this time. While her style dreams are sky high, her budget is bargain basement. How will she manage to buy what she needs without breaking the bank?

Just Before You Go
Alise has all the clothing she needs but feels her look is somehow incomplete. What is missing might surprise you. As Alise is walking out the door, she remembers a key piece of advice and takes one more important step in her new French Style fashion makeover.

La Vie Est Belle …
Life is good. When we feel good, we are more beautiful no matter what style of clothing we choose, but when we choose the style that fits our life best that makes feeling beautiful easier.

Confidence is one of the most alluring things a woman can wear.

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