Focus: The Practical Guide to Improving Your Mental Concentration, Killing Procrastination and Increasing Productivity (The ultimate guide to mental concentration, influence, time management)

Written by Renil M. George

Get back the missing mental concentration; enhance your productivity and outcomes you have desired for so long in your life!!

What if there was finally a way to accomplish all those goals and dreams, you have been thinking about for a long time, and even wrote it down in your secret diary?  Imagine if there was a process in place to overcome the mental gravity and distractions that hold you back from accomplishing your goals and dreams.  What if there was a way to achieve everything and still have a balanced personal life?

Architect and Entrepreneur, Renil M. George presents remarkable findings and process that has helped him achieve remarkable success as an entrepreneur, by honing in on mental concentration and using the various processes described that he learnt from various mentors.

Here are the top five reasons, why you should read this book.  In this book you’ll learn:

How to eradicate distractions and procrastination from your life
How to use the missing element of goal setting
How to focus on your priorities
How to make the right environment for productivity
How to take care of yourself for better mental clarity and concentration
Bonus: How to use nutrition and vitamins in order to make yourself the most productive and focused you can be!

“This book did a great job on showing all the ways to increase your focus.This is a must read and will put a lot of thing in perspective. All of the techniques offered in the book are spot on.There are so many great ideas in the book that the authors have shared in the pages of this book. The book gives you some great ideas about setting goals for yourself. I really liked this first part and I think this is a fascinating and important idea in psychology. You learn the significant differences between the two mindsets and the very different ways they react and respond. This is very important to your own success and to the ability to influence prepared: this author does not care for you and won’t hesitate to drive that point home with example after example”  – J Hill

“I admit, I did practice procrastination before. I could definitely testify based on experience how it is.
Good thing I overcome it for a span of two weeks. What amazed me was the fact that I found those techniques in this book. It begins with the commitment to end procrastination. The mere fact that I download this book is a way for me to gain clarity on this issue. This book shares insights on how to live life with a good habit of getting task done ahead of time. The author clearly gives signs of procrastination and a tool to overcome it.”  – Arman O. Navarro

“I’ve had really hard time focusing lately due to massive amounts of work in a lot of different directions. It’s really hard to just let go of other things and concentrate on the task at hand. I’m glad how this book tackles subjects such as procrastination, goals, motivation, etc. In short, the suggestions provided in this guide cover a wide area of focus in general and will help you grasp your life better – everyday!” –  James Brosnan 

“Renil has managed to set up a superior system of regaining and maximizing your focus. I knew goal setting was good, but I was kind of lost as to how to go about making my goals a reality. This book breaks everything down with easy tips for all areas of your life that affect your focus, from a detailed chapter about procrastination (what types there are and how to get by it), to a long ‘Art of Goal Setting’ section that really helps you formulate what’s going to work for you.” – Mary Thibodeau

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