Flippin’ Awesome Gymnast: 5 Tools To Crush Fear & Increase Confidence For Gymnasts

Written by Amy Twiggs
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Fears, Focus and Mental Freedom.

The Tools Are Here.

Are you terrified of throwing that new skill alone? Have you lost the joy of gymnastics? Have you felt pressure to perform as a gymnast even when you don’t believe in yourself?

In this practical, easy to understand and action-oriented book, Amy Twiggs, Director of Flippin’ Awesome Gymnastics, will help you apply proven methods to overcome self-doubt.

You will remember that you are good enough, strong enough and brave enough to attempt skills you once thought impossible in gymnastics.

As a former competitive gymnast, I’ve been there– I know what it feels like to try your best and to fail. I also know how it feels to work hard to achieve your goals. I know the feelings of being terrified of a new skill, losing the joy of gymnastics and having a desire to quit.

The Flippin’ Awesome Gymnast reveals the proven approach designed to resolve your struggles with insecurities and frustrations in the gym.

This book provides strategies to overcome limiting beliefs that affect your score. It addresses self confidence and high performance issues related to gymnastics.

In this how-to guide, the reader will be given tools to:

  • A Blast Off Sequence to keep you motivated as a gymnast
  • Cue Words to help you stay focused as you reach your peak performance
  • How to make sure your greatest asset, your brain, helps you reach your highest potential through affirmations.
  • How to let go of the need to beat everyone else and enjoy the journey of the sport of gymnastics again.

No matter your current level of ability, whether you feel like you have little talent or are capable of so much more– know that by following the information in Flippin’ Awesome Gymnast Vol. I, you will crush your fears and increase confidence.

Don’t let your time as a gymnast keep slipping away– take it back, make it productive, and enjoy your new gymnastics life.

Making no change to your daily gymnastics routine is like living in your past presently. It’s time to pass Level 1.    3-2-1 Go!

What’s stopping you from turning your athletic fears into limitless potential faster than you ever thought possible?

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