Written by Sera Gold
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Marie was struggling to change her life for the better. But if she had known what was in store for her she would have realised that there was little point in letting her problems get her down. If she had been able to see into the future, she would have known that by the end of the week she would be dead. Dead in a strange house after speaking with a woman she had never met before. If she had known any of this, would she have done things differently? Certainly the decision she was struggling to make would pale into insignificance, she might not even have bothered to give it a second thought. Then the events of the following seven days would have been different. She would never have gone to the strange house with the unknown woman; there would have been no need. But perhaps that was her destiny, perhaps something would have drawn her to that place no matter what she had decided.


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