Finding Harmony: The Misadventures of an Accidental Detective (The Sydney Roberts Series Book 1)

Written by Susan Hart Snyder

A cross-country trip. An RV breakdown. Can a city girl survive her stay in Harmony?

Sydney is tired of living the same Los Angeles day over and over again. She packs her things, loads up her dog and cat, and heads for the Big Apple. But when her behemoth of an RV breaks down, she’s forced to bide her time in the strange town of Harmony, Utah…

Sydney does her best to make nice with the locals, including a mechanic with a passel of coonhounds, a female dentist the size of a linebacker, and local rancher with rugged good looks. While she waits for a repair, her meddling nature puts her right in the middle of a town mystery: a chilling cold case involving missing teen brides and a nearby polygamy compound…

Sydney has a choice: mind her own business or attempt to solve an unharmonious mystery…

Finding Harmony is the first book in the Sydney Roberts Series, a set of mysteries that travel from urban locales to the dramatic red rocks of Utah. If you like captivating characters, colorful vistas, and twisty mysteries, then you’ll love Susan Hart Snyder’s entertaining tale.

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