Find Me a Home (Holiday Heartwarmers Book 3)

Written by Mimi Barbour
Category: · Children’s Books

Can a crabby puppy perform cupid’s magic this Christmas season?

Wheelchair bound, Amelia Lloyd is embarrassed when the neighbor calls the police to deal with her out-of-control brother. Her old dog tries to protect her, but it takes the combined efforts of a handsome police Sergeant and a crabby puppy to put a stop to her sibling’s shenanigans. At first, she hates to be caught in such a situation. But then she accepts an important truth. The big-hearted man, her savior, wouldn’t have come into her life otherwise.

Sergeant Harley Carlton is exhausted from dealing with a car accident where everyone is killed except for a darling cherub who decides she’s his daddy. How can a man with a heart as big as his, correct the precious little blind orphan? Within a few hours, he gets another call. This time to save a blonde-haired beauty from her crazy brother.

Can a man fall in love twice in one night?


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