Ferbert Flembuzzle’s Most Exotic Zoo

Written by Lee Gangles
Category: · Children’s Books

(Children’s Novel – Ages 7-12)

Lee Gangles debut novel will take readers of all ages on a truly magical adventure that is full of heart, fun, and marvelous creatures. Gangles captures the storytelling spirit of Roald Dahl, but in a voice all his own.

At seven-years-old, Sophia Flembuzzle discovers she is the most hated child in the town of Vedner, and the name Flembuzzle is the source of all her troubles. It is why she is teased by her classmates, eats lunch alone, and is forced to sit in the back of the classroom, with her desk facing the wall. Worst of all, it is the reason that Sophia doesn’t have the one thing she wants more than anything else—a friend.
The town’s mayor seems to be the only one willing to show the young girl any kindness. He tells her that her troubles started years earlier when her father, Ferbert Flembuzzle, opened a mysterious zoo in order to deceive and scam the entire town. At first, Sophia doesn’t believe what she is hearing, but she can’t help wondering if the mayor’s story is true. Everything changes when she discovers a tattered, leather-bound book, locked away in her father’s desk—a book that turns her life upside down as she embarks on an adventure to uncover the truth about her father, the mayor, and the zoo.


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