Fearless: a Sports Romance

Written by Amarie Avant

Zariah Washington

When my best friend is beaten to within an inch of her life, I step into Vadim’s Gym, where her boyfriend exercises, and go off. Though, I’ll one day become a district attorney, there’s nothing graceful about how I seek justice, which is all a big mistake. One: I’m at the wrong damn gym. Two: I’ve cussed and disrespected every male in the place. Oh, and the Russian fighter I encounter, whose jacked with muscles and packing heat, won’t let me go! He promises to extract vengeance. His loyalty comes at a price. Not to mention, my father is the Chief of Police.

Vassili Karo Resnov

Zariah and I had a misunderstanding when she walked into Vadim’s Gym. The beautiful, black vixen came into my life and cussed everyone out before I could say a word. I introduced myself, the anger and desire she felt gave way to fear… But we’ll fix that, because now she’s mine.


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