FEAR DREAMS: A shocking psychological thriller (Detective Kerri Blasco Book 1)

Written by J.A. Schneider
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

A sensitive woman fearing insanity… Liddy Barron was injured in a hit-and-run accident that left her with recurring nightmares, gaps in her memory, and an increasing obsession in the disappearance of a coed named Sasha Perry. Was Sasha murdered? Liddy’s turmoil grows as she begins seeing ghostly images. Her husband Paul tries to help but insists it’s just her imagination…while intuitive Detective Kerri Blasco, also obsessed with young Sasha’s disappearance, senses that Liddy may have a key to solving the case, and tries to unravel the shocking truth of what really haunts her.


“Chilling, almost unbearably tense with no lulls. Great characterization, a sensitive woman’s growing fear of insanity. I never guessed who did it. The ending was a complete shock, left me gasping!” Robin Lee, top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“Breathtaking! This grabbed me from the first page and was unputdownable. I kept trying to sneak away from the July 4th festivities, couldn’t stop reading. The ending was a stunner. I had a ‘WAIT WHAT?! OH NO WAIT WHAT NOW?! moment which was fantastic! Detective Kerri Blasco is fantastic and I hope this becomes a series. (slowly chants *series…series…SERIES!!)” The Suspense is Thrilling Me

“Stunning. One of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read, so intense with no lulls and knockout unexpected twists. This contagious read makes it clear how even the most rational of us can end up doubting our sanity. Highly recommended, five stars!” Rite of Word Reviews



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