Fates Altered (Halven Rising Book 1)

Written by Jules Barnard
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Some love stories require great sacrifice…

Humans are beneath her kind, but Fae princess Theodora Rainer must escape the Fae realm, or marry a man she despises.

California farmer Alex Rosales is the responsible one. He stays out of the trouble his older brother gets into–someone has to hang onto the farm. But when Alex finds Theodora hiding out on his property, caution is nowhere in sight. She has the beauty of an angel, with deep secrets Alex can’t penetrate.

No matter how hard he tries, Theodora won’t let Alex in. But when he breaks his own rules and invites her to stay with him, he glimpses her heart–only to discover something powerful seeks to tear them apart.

Fates Altered tells the story of the love that sparked the Halven Rising.

*This mature YA series is intended for readers 17 years and older.

Each Halven Rising novel features a different couple and may be read as a standalone, but an overreaching story arc connects the series, so it’s fun to read them in order.

Books in the Halven Rising Series
*Fates Altered (Halven Rising, Prequel, Book 1) — Theda & Alex
*Fates Divided (Halven Rising, Book 2) — Elena & Derek
*Fates Entwined (Halven Rising, Book 3) — Reese & Keen
*Fates Fulfilled (Halven Rising, Book 4) — TBD


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