Famous Crimes the World Forgot Vol II: More Vintage True Crimes Rescued from Obscurity (True Crime Murder Book with Serial Killers)

Written by Jason Lucky Morrow

Tired of Reading About the Same Crimes and Criminals Over and Over?

Would you like to read about amazing crimes and criminals you never knew about?

More Extraordinary True Crimes You Never Knew About With 42 Images

Famous Crimes the World Forgot Volume II uncovers more amazing true crimes that exploded into the national news, shocking Americans from coast to coast—crimes that were eventually forgotten—until now.

Each one of these stories transports you back to the time they happened, propels you through all the suspense-filled developments, and explores each one with an in-depth look into the actions of humans so evil, it’s hard to believe they were real.

They include:
1. a serial poisoner who laughed when thought he got away with murdering a brother and sister, but cried when he was arrested;
2. a woman with a history of being robbed by two men until the third time it happened, when they killed her husband, or so she said;
3. a mail-order bride lured to her death 3,000 miles away by a man with a wife and five children;
4. a serial-rapist and possible serial-killer who murdered two sisters on their way to church;
5. a five-time loser turned drifter who gunned down four men for $40 inside a hermit’s shack;
6. an escaped convict turned serial-killer with a taste for red-heads;
7. the mysterious car bomb murder of a wealthy Texas socialite which churned up a cast of sordid characters who captivated an audience for what was America’s first live-televised murder trial;
8. and Milwaukee’s first serial-killer who stabbed young girls with a seven-inch stiletto.

These astonishing true crimes will leave you wondering how they could have been ignored for so long.


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