Faith story and Healing inspiration and Word in season: Three in One Edition.

Written by Tony Egar

“Tony has always been fascinated by the effect believing has on our lives.
After years of reading books, hearing speakers and going to conferences he has found that the effect was temporary.
His personal belief is that we have a believing switch somewhere within us and if we can get it turned on; everything works, but when it is turned off nothing works.
This is his journey to find that switch and turn it on.” Lorna.
Healing is a gift that comes to us by the grace of God.
It is a free gift. The people that received healing in the Gospels all came with faith or because of the faith of their friends and family.
They were needy and their state of distress caused Jesus to respond as a doctor would to his patients.
Matthew 9:12 Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”
A doctor can sit in his office with his instruments and medicines…ready to bring healing.
But only when a patient comes through that door can the doctor begin the healing process.
Be inspired to find your special purpose. Something only you can achieve.
This faith study is made up of all the faith words that God has put on my heart over the last year.
The greatest thing that can happen as you read these words is for something somewhere on one of these pages to jump up and get your attention in a way that is confirming and encouraging.
If you can mix the words with faith, then you do not know where a fresh word will lead.
You may find yourself being inspired by an idea from heaven that is new.
Or you may start to see things from a different angle.
Whatever happens….we are believing on your behalf. We are actively in the fight of faith with you. Tony and Lorna.
Brisbane. Australia.


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